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Enterprise LifeCycle Asset Management Reports

LCM Data Group Asset Management Reports, Cisco Asset Management Reports

Understand the LifeCycle state and risk of your IT Assets through quick studies and comprehensive audits. Our reports utilize data analytics techniques to provide the critical information to make the best risk mitigation strategies

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Virtual Asset Manager

LCM Data Group Virtual Asset Manager, Cisco LifeCycle Asset Management,Enterprice Lifecycle Assets

You get the data, visualizations and risk analysis, LCM Data Group does all the work. Utilizing our data analytics, standardized process and cadence, formal Asset Management is achieved through minimal effort and maximum alignment to your internal processes and Enterprise LifeCycle Asset Management requirements

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LCM Technologies

Designed to take our Virtual Asset Manager and LCM Consulting engagements to higher levels, our LCM Technologies provide tools to further analyze, integrate and enrich our ELAM Reports and underlying data 

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LCM Consulting Services

Designed for the custom analysis, let our LCM Data Group team complete the analysis that allows your data to tell your story. This service puts together our Reports & Technologies into the right mix of speed, accuracy and alignment to your Enterprise LifeCycle Asset Management decision making information requirements

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About Us

Our Experience

With 22 years of Cisco Sales, Product Management, Marketing and Enterprise Architecture experience, we've seen the difference accurate asset information and a LifeCycle approach has on both tactical and strategic decision making. Let us put this experience to use for your Enterprise and figure out how best optimize your asset budgets and lifecycle processes 

Our Approach


Our products and services are designed to return quick and accurate asset and lifecycle outcomes. At the same time, our process driven approach allows for your network, IT and Business assets data to be continuously enhanced in support of deeper and more meaningful relationships and decision support parameters. Whatever your requirements, we can get something done quickly or drill into complex analysis across the full enterprise

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